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We are trying to build a source distribution that includes this library - however we are running into issues due to the lvlib file "missing" the libraries it requires. Although they seem to still be present on disk.

This can be seen in "Support" folder for the the "Field_RND_Services_LIBSSH2_Toolkit.lvlib".




Christopher Field Hello Matt, Thank you for your interest and usage of the LIBSSH2 for LabVIEW toolkit developed and maintained by Field R&D Services. I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with the toolkit while trying to build a source distribution for your project. This toolkit is developed and maintained as an open source project with the source code repository hosted on GitHub ( Please see the Issue tracker ( for the project, as someone else may have encountered similar trouble and may have a resolution for you. Specifically, your issue sounds similar to The DLLs, dylibs, and Shared Objects (.so) in the Support folder need to be "always included" and/or explicitly added to the distribution as always included, or the workaround to add copies of the DLLs, dylibs, and SOs to an "in-project" destination may work for you as well. If this does not resolve your issue, could you please create a new one in the issue tracker? This would benefit everyone that uses the toolkit and would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Chris
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