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I am not sure if this is the correct channel but here you go.

When I download versions , or in VIPM the package has no dependencies and are thus not functional.
I would suggest adding dependent packages to the next release to make sure the package is functional.

The problem can be worked around by installing version and then updating to the newest version.



Francois Normandin Hi Jeppe, thanks for reporting this. It appears that the dependency on JKI State Machine is not found when scanning the source from the latest version of VIPM, although the Test Manager Process depends on it. I've opened a ticket and this will be resolve shortly.
 •  Reply10 months
Francois Normandin I uploaded Caraya (fixed only the dependencies)
 •  Reply10 months
Jeppe Lohse Hi Francois, Thank you for the quick answer and action. I can see the update now contains the dependencies. Do I delete this post now the issue is resolved?
 •  Reply9 months
Francois Normandin No need to delete it, it's now part of historical records ;-)
 •  Reply9 months

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