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This is an overview of the Cron Scheduler project for LabVIEW.

The library allows parsing of different cron syntaxes such as supported by Crontab (Unix), Quartz and Jenkins. It also supports a cron Job base class to execute virtually any job callback through a simple API, supporting synchronous and asynchronous calling as well as producing Job Reports with custom key-value pair storing.

This presentation first goes through the installation process (from VIPM), then browses through the palette and finally performs a demo of a simple 1-job scheduler. Using the tools provided by the library, the developer will quickly be able to generate a custom task and launch it on a configurable schedule through one of the most well-known cron syntaxes.

If it were not already enough, all of this is extensible at will.
The cron syntax parser is a wrapper on a base cron class which can satisfy any new expression syntax through the use of an intermediary representation. The JobReport is also class-based and offers the developer the possibly to extend its content. Finally, the Job itself is class-based and can be extended to support the many frameworks out there (AF, SMO, DQMH, DCAF, Workers, Messenger, etc.). Conveniently, a StaticVIReference Job launcher is installed alongside the base class and allows almost any standalone static call to be used.

You already have a series of VIs that execute tasks that need to be run hourly, monthly or at precise time on precise day of week? This is the perfect library for you.


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