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Sr. Technical Support Engineer for LabVIEW & embedded control

Published Packages

SoL SquareBattle image SoL SquareBattle
Reimplementation of Endigit's SquareBattle game. Participants create teams to wage battle with each other.
IG WebSocket & TCP Messaging Example image IG WebSocket & TCP Messaging Example
An example demonstrating combined messaging for LabVIEW TCP Clients and browser WebSocket clients
IG WebSocket Stream image IG WebSocket Stream
WebSockets based on IG Stream and for integration in IG HTTP Server
IG Web&Crypto image IG Web&Crypto
Web data and cryptography functionality for LabVIEW
IG VoicemeeterRemote API image IG VoicemeeterRemote API
LabVIEW wrapper for the VoicemeeterRemote API to control audio devices and routing in Windows
IG Tiny TCP image IG Tiny TCP
A lightweight TCP messenger library for point-to-point messaging that includes connection management.
IG TCP Stream image IG TCP Stream
TCP Connection management built on IG Stream Base
IG Stream Messaging Examples image IG Stream Messaging Examples
Examples for the IG Messaging package utilizing the IG TCP Streams implementation.
IG Stream Messaging image IG Stream Messaging
Simple Messaging layer based on IG Stream Base, can be used with any comms based on IG Stream Base
IG Stream Base image IG Stream Base
Base library for stream based communication, logging, and I/O
IG Serial Stream image IG Serial Stream
Serial client implementation of IG Stream Base
IG OOPanel image IG OOPanel
Object Oriented UI Panel Library that also serves as a dynamic custom array UI
IG Joystick image IG Joystick
Joystick mapping utilities for the built-in LV DirectInput functionality.
IG IDE - Snippets image IG IDE - Snippets
Code snippets and project tooling to speed up OOP and DVR development with no code dependencies.
IG HTTP Utils image IG HTTP Utils
HTTP parsing and handling utilities.
IG HTTP Server image IG HTTP Server
HTTP Web Server implemented with 100% LabVIEW. Includes HTTPS, Form handling, Sessions, WebSocket Upgrades, and more.
IG FlexChannels image IG FlexChannels
New Channel template where readers determine mechanism: lossy, lossless, or event-driven and lossless readers can be restartable.
IG Flex Channel Examples image IG Flex Channel Examples
Examples for the Flex Channel Template in IG Flex Channel
IG AutoComplete image IG AutoComplete
A tiny autocomplete search UI for string controls that can work as a popup or using an existing ListBox
ControlArray image ControlArray
Library to simulate an array with a handful of controls, useful for simulating arrays with XControls.