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Package Publisher Summary Stars Installs
LabVIEW Interface for Arduino National Instruments An easy to use interface for the Arduino microcontroller platform. *38 ↓909
JKI State Machine JKI The easiest way to create powerful, maintainable VIs in LabVIEW™ *13 ↓343
OpenG Toolkit OpenG OpenG Toolkit *10 ↓375
EasyXML Toolkit for LabVIEW JKI Toolkit to easily flatten and unflatten LabVIEW data to and from XML. *7 ↓86
JKI VI Tester JKI JKI VI Tester *6 ↓73
VIPM API JKI Programmatic VI-based API for VIPM *6 ↓39
JKI State Machine Objects (SMO) JKI JKI State Machine Objects is an easy-to-use yet powerful object-oriented framework for LabVIEW. *6 ↓108
Digilent LINX (Control Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and more) Digilent Interact with the world using LabVIEW to control embedded platforms like Arduino, chipKIT, myRIO, BeagleBone Black, and Raspberry Pi 2/3. *5 ↓2077
Caraya Unit Test Framework JKI Caraya Unit Test Framework by JKI *5 ↓117
G CLI Wiresmith Technology A library to support a more advanced command line interface from LabVIEW *4 ↓27
Delacor QMH Delacor The Delacor Queued Message Handler (DQMH) toolkit *4 ↓179
myRIO LockInAmp Delacor Lock-In Amplifier implementation with myRIO. Example shows heart rate measurements. Supports myRIO-1900 *4 ↓5
Oscilloscope & Function Generator for NI myRIO Choose Movement Consulting, LLC Turns your computer and NI myRIO into a 2 Channel, 250kHz Oscilloscope and 2 Channel Function Generator. *3 ↓17
LabVIEW Community Edition National Instruments The LabVIEW and LabVIEW NXG Community edition is free for non-commercial use. *3 ↓0
PaneRelief Hope Harrison Makes it easy to set properties of front panel panes and splitters *3 ↓74
LINX Raspberry Pi Addons MediaMongrels A collection of libraries for talking to hardware using the Raspberry Pi with the LabVIEW LINX toolkit. *3 ↓57
JKI JSON JKI JSON serialization and deserialization library for LabVIEW *2 ↓121
LIBSSH2 Field R&D Services Adds SSH client support to LabVIEW using the libssh2 library *2 ↓5
OpenG Error Library OpenG OpenG Error Library *2 ↓546
VITAC (VI Tester Advanced Comparisons) Wiresmith Technology Advanced comparisons for VI Tester *2 ↓4
JKI Flat UI Controls 2.0 JKI JKI Flat UI Controls 2.0. To use, select "Tools >> JKI Design Palette" from the LV menu. *2 ↓180
JKI Design Palette JKI A powerful visual Controls Palette. Press Ctrl+Shift+Space to launch from any VI Front Panel... *2 ↓138
QuickDrop AlignElements MNProjects - Martin Nöhrer A LabVIEW Quick-Drop (QD) plugin for aligning elements *2 ↓11
LabVIEW National Instruments LabVIEW IDE *2 ↓0
VIPM Desktop JKI The VIPM Desktop app lets you install add-ons directly into LabVIEW, manage your projects, build and share packages, and much more... *2 ↓0
JKI Unicode JKI JKI Unicode Library *2 ↓117
WebSockets MediaMongrels Library for communicating using WebSockets *2 ↓77
JKI HTTP REST Client JKI HTTP REST Client Library for LabVIEW *2 ↓125
Torus Fit 4SmartMachines Fit a torus to a set of 3D points. *1 ↓4
JKI Magic Delay Fairy (QD Plug-in) JKI Adds a Ctrl+F QuickDrop shortcut that invokes the Magic Delay Fairy *1 ↓20
WF User Access Toolkit WireFlow WF-SecuritySuite: User Access Toolkit *1 ↓0
MakerHub Toolbox MakerHub Common Components For MakerHub Libraries *1 ↓715
NI SmartBalloon National Instruments *1 ↓31
jki_lib_rcf_wire_error_case_structure JKI Automatically Wire Error Case Structure *1 ↓15
TDD Caraya Project Template JKI TDD project support using JKI Caraya unit test framework *1 ↓6
Watchdog Agent(r) Prognostics Toolkit for LabVIEW IMS Center, National Instruments Watchdog Agent Prognostics Toolkit *1 ↓0
WebPager - Put Front Panels Online VFP Soft WebPager allows accessing LabVIEW front panel(s) from a browser with little modifications in the LabVIEW block diagram. WebPager puts front panel into the web-… *1 ↓3
Torus Fit (System) 4SmartMachines Fit a torus to a set of 3D points. *1 ↓3
Delacor QMH Thermal Chamber Examples Delacor Examples to illustrate how the DQMH modules could be use in a LabVIEW project or in a TestStand project. *1 ↓144
JKI SMO Template (Graphs) JKI Graph UI Templates for the JKI SMO Framework *1 ↓55
WF3132_cDAQ driver WireFlow cDAQ driver for the WireFlow WF3132 Multiplexer module *1 ↓1
JKI SMO Template (Timed Loop) JKI Timed Loop Templates for the JKI SMO Framework *1 ↓56
Tree Map National Instruments Tree data structure based on LV19 Maps and Sets data type *1 ↓22
JKI SMO Editor JKI JKI State Machine Objects Editor Tools *1 ↓66
JKI Serialization JKI Serialization and deserialization library for LabVIEW *1 ↓112
NI LabVIEW LINX Toolkit National Instruments Use LabVIEW to control devices like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone. *1 ↓37
OpenG Builder OpenG A flexible builder for software products written in G. *1 ↓72
Face Detection 4SmartMachines Detects faces and their poses in an image. Uses advanced algorithms for robust results. *1 ↓1
Multi-Segment Ramp XControl University of Leeds An XControl that describes a waveform as a series of linear ramp segments *1 ↓1
jki_tool_right_click_framework JKI JKI Right-Click Framework for LabVIEW *1 ↓27