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PieChart QControl image
PieChart QControl
Native LabVIEW Pie Chart

by Q Software Innovations, LLC
COS_Advanced_Menu image
LabVIEW advanced menu

by COS
LVBuildSpec For G CLI image
LVBuildSpec For G CLI
For building LV build spec items such as Exes and Installers, using GCLI.

by SAS Workshops
Clear LabVIEW Cache For G-CLI image
Clear LabVIEW Cache For G-CLI
Tool for clearing the LabVIEW cache via G CLI

by SAS Workshops
XLR8 image
XLR8 is a tool to read and write Microsoft Excel(R) files at high performance with full file compatibility, utilizing Microsoft .NET 2.0 technology.

Open DQMH Request Message Diagram image
Open DQMH Request Message Diagram
Open the DQMH Message Diagram directly from the DQMH Request VI on your diagram.

by Neosoft Technologies
Waveform XControl image
Waveform XControl
An XControl that provides a function generator to output a waveform type

by University of Leeds
IG Tiny TCP image
A lightweight TCP messenger library for point-to-point messaging that includes connection management.

by Illuminated G
G CLI image
A library to support a more advanced command line interface from LabVIEW

by Wiresmith Technology
Free Label To VI Description (Right-Click Menu Plugin) image
Free Label To VI Description (Right-Click Menu Plugin)
Right-Click Menu Plugin (IDE extension) that helps set the VI Description

by Robusto Systems
Blue Event Log (Open Source) image
Blue Event Log (Open Source)
An event-based debug logger optimized for a continuously running application.

by Blue Origin
Deep Learning Toolkit image
Deep Learning Toolkit
Deep Learning Toolkit for LabVIEW

by Ngene
HAIBAL Deep learning image
HAIBAL Deep learning
Deep learning toolkit for LabVIEW

DeepLTK FPGA Addon image
DeepLTK FPGA Addon
FPGA Add-on for DEEP LEATRNONG TOOLKIT is a Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator designed to deploy and accelerate pretrained CNNs on FPGA targets. The adv…

by Ngene
JKI Python Bridge for LabVIEW image
JKI Python Bridge for LabVIEW
A toolkit allowing Python to call into LabVIEW and seamlessly transfer argument and return data.

by JKI
JKI TCP Server image
JKI TCP Server
JKI TCP Server

by JKI
Third Party Licensing & Activation Toolkit image
Third Party Licensing & Activation Toolkit
Add Licensing Technology to LabVIEW Applications and VI APIs

by NI
NeoDB for PostgreSQL image
NeoDB for PostgreSQL
TCP connector for PostgreSQL

by Neosoft Technologies
IG IDE - Snippets image
IG IDE - Snippets
Code snippets and project tooling to speed up OOP and DVR development with no code dependencies.

by Illuminated G
NI Network Endpoint Actors image
NI Network Endpoint Actors
Endpoint actors that pass data from peer to peer across an application boundary.

by NI
RM-26999 image
API for RM-26999 High Voltage Rack Mount Terminal Block

by NI
BluePlotMulti (Open Source) image
BluePlotMulti (Open Source)
A Multi-panel wrapper around the BluePlot library

by Brent Justice
BluePlot (Open Source) image
BluePlot (Open Source)
A plotting UI optimized for real-time display of circularly buffered data

by Blue Origin
Approval Tests image
Approval Tests
Approval Testing For LabVIEW

by SAS Workshops
SimREMOTE is a package of remote control facilities that greatly enhances the flexibility of SimGEN. Depending on the sale of your testing, these facilities…

by Spirent
Multiplexed Messenger Channel image
Multiplexed Messenger Channel
The Multiplexed Messenger Channel is similar to the Messenger Channel in that it is a multi-writer, multi-reader queue, but it is actually an array of such que…

by Multiplexed Messenger Channel
PL DNS Client image
PL DNS Client
DNS client library for LabVIEW

by plasmapper
Hooovahh Image Manipulation image
Hooovahh Image Manipulation
VIs to manipulate images.

by Hooovahh
Zyah Auto Update Utility image
Zyah Auto Update Utility
A class utiity to aid in updating apps using NIPM.

by Zyah Solutions
Antidoc Add-on - LabVIEW toolkit documentation image
Antidoc Add-on - LabVIEW toolkit documentation
Antidoc add-on generating the documentation of a LabVIEW toolkit

by Wovalab
New VI From Template (Right-Click Menu Plugin) image
New VI From Template (Right-Click Menu Plugin)
Right-Click Menu Plugin (IDE extension) that helps create new VI's and CTL's from templates and add them to a project, library or class

by Robusto Systems
RunLog (Open Source) image
RunLog (Open Source)
A debug logger optimized for a process with a well defined start and stop point

by Blue Origin
DeferPanelUpdates (Open Source) image
DeferPanelUpdates (Open Source)
A small library used to defer panel updates given a control reference

by Blue Origin
BlueUtilities (OpenSource) image
BlueUtilities (OpenSource)
This package only exists to create a targetable palette for small utility packages.

by Blue Origin
BlueTreeMapViewer (Open Source) image
BlueTreeMapViewer (Open Source)
This package provides a user interace for viewing with and interacting with BlueTreeMap data structures.

by Blue Origin
BlueTreeMap (Open Source) image
BlueTreeMap (Open Source)
Build a recursive TreeMap data structure in memory, and export this to a LabVIEW tree control

by Blue Origin
BlueStringEscape (OpenSource) image
BlueStringEscape (OpenSource)
A small library for escaping and un-escaping strings. Primarily intended for escaping strings written to and read from TDMS files for different operating syst…

by Blue Origin
BlueLogParent (Open Source) image
BlueLogParent (Open Source)
This package provides a debug log message abstraction layer.

by Blue Origin
Blue Easy HTTP Client (Open Source) image
Blue Easy HTTP Client (Open Source)
A lightweight wrapper around native HTTP Client, but with better parsing and debug log hooks

by Blue Origin
Better Drag and Drop image
Better Drag and Drop
An improved drag/drop schema for listboxes and tree controls

by Blue Origin
UI Item Select (Open Source) image
UI Item Select (Open Source)
Easy item selection UI for trees and listboxes

by Blue Origin
Workers - Development Tools image
Workers - Development Tools
The Workers Development Toolkit

by Scarfe Controls
PL BlackBox Modbus Client image
PL BlackBox Modbus Client
BlackBox Modbus Client Library for LabVIEW

by plasmapper
IG VoicemeeterRemote API image
IG VoicemeeterRemote API
LabVIEW wrapper for the VoicemeeterRemote API to control audio devices and routing in Windows

by Illuminated G
PL ISTEQ TroSpec image
LabVIEW instrument driver for ISTEQ TroSpec spectrometers

by plasmapper
GraviFetch image
Gravitational Wave Handler Toolkit

by John von Neumann University
LabVIEW Fonts Fix image
LabVIEW Fonts Fix
Tookit for Fix LabVIEW Fonts BUG In Asia CJK Language,Apply To LabVIEW version later than 2011.

Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5) image
Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5)
HDF5 bindings for LabVIEW

by Martijn Jasperse
JDP Science Common Utilities image
JDP Science Common Utilities
Common Utilities used by JDP Science packages

by JDP Science
NXG Controls image
NXG Controls
NXG controls in LabVIEW 2017 and hihgher.

by Neosoft Technologies