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IG HTTP Server image
IG HTTP Server
HTTP Web Server implemented with 100% LabVIEW. Includes HTTPS, Form handling, Sessions, WebSocket Upgrades, and more.

by Illuminated G
IG HTTP Utils image
HTTP parsing and handling utilities.

by Illuminated G
LV-TOML image
LabVIEW library for parsing and composing TOML files

by Zaphiro Technologies
wamplv WAMP Client image
wamplv WAMP Client
Client for the Web Applications Messaging Protocol (WAMP)

by samangh
BlueSerialization image
BlueSerializer core

by Blue Origin
Unites DDB image
Unites DDB
Dashboard for DQMH and other tools. Easy access to DQMH tools.

by UNITES Systems a.s.
IG Web&Crypto image
IG Web&Crypto
Web data and cryptography functionality for LabVIEW

by Illuminated G
IG Stream Base image
IG Stream Base
Base library for stream based communication, logging, and I/O

by Illuminated G
IG TCP Stream image
IG TCP Stream
TCP Connection management built on IG Stream Base

by Illuminated G
IG Serial Stream image
IG Serial Stream
Serial client implementation of IG Stream Base

by Illuminated G
IG Stream Messaging image
IG Stream Messaging
Simple Messaging layer based on IG Stream Base, can be used with any comms based on IG Stream Base

by Illuminated G
IG Stream Messaging Examples image
IG Stream Messaging Examples
Examples for the IG Messaging package utilizing the IG TCP Streams implementation.

by Illuminated G
IG WebSocket & TCP Messaging Example image
IG WebSocket & TCP Messaging Example
An example demonstrating combined messaging for LabVIEW TCP Clients and browser WebSocket clients

by Illuminated G
PL GCF Calculator image
PL GCF Calculator
Mass flow controller actual flow rate calculation library that uses gas conversion/correction factors (GCF)

by plasmapper
PL Bronkhorst ProPar image
PL Bronkhorst ProPar
LabVIEW instrument driver for Bronkhorst mass flow and pressure instruments with ProPar protocol

by plasmapper
PL HFP Generator image
PL HFP Generator
LabVIEW instrument driver for HFP Plasma G20 and GK series RF generators

by plasmapper
lavag_lib_User_Interface_XControls_multi-segment-ramp_xcontrol image
An XControl that describes a waveform as a series of linear ramp segments

by University of Leeds
lavag_lib_User_Interface_XControls_waveform_xcontrol image
An XControl that provides a function generator to output a waveform type

by University of Leeds
LV-WinSCP image
LabVIEW wrapper on top of WinSCP .NET API

by Neosoft Technologies
Bowzer the Browser image
Bowzer the Browser
A utility that allows developers to browse the payload methods (and their block diagrams) for any given actor in a project.

by Zyah Solutions
Collection Extensions (Sets and Maps) for LabVIEW image
Collection Extensions (Sets and Maps) for LabVIEW
Map and Set Extensions for LabVIEW

by VIPM Community
Antidoc Add-on - LabVIEW project documentation image
Antidoc Add-on - LabVIEW project documentation
Antidoc add-on generating the documentation of lvproj code source

by Wovalab
AntiDoc image

by Wovalab
Flatline Controls image
Flatline Controls
Set of custom "near-flat" controls.

by JDP Science
COS Azure Kinect Sensor&Body Tracking image
COS Azure Kinect Sensor&Body Tracking
LabVIEW library to control Azure Kinect Sensor & Body Tracking

by COS
HSE Application Template Wizard image
HSE Application Template Wizard
Provides a project template for creating new projects based on the HSE Application Template

by Hampel Software Engineering
Deep Learning Toolkit image
Deep Learning Toolkit
Deep Learning Toolkit for LabVIEW

by Ngene
Plasmionique Modbus Master image
Plasmionique Modbus Master
Open source Modbus master library for LabVIEW

by Plasmionique Inc
VIPM API image
Programmatic VI-based API for VIPM

by JKI
MySQLNetCom image
An open-source MySQL / MariaDB driver for LabVIEW using pure TCP/IP primitives.

by Hampel Software Engineering
S7NetCom image
An open-source LabVIEW implementation of the S7 PLC network protocol using pure TCP/IP primitives, for talking to SIMATIC PLCs (and others) via Ethernet.

by Hampel Software Engineering
Interface for Actor INI image
Interface for Actor INI
Interface for Actor INI

by Zyah Solutions
Antidoc CLI image
Antidoc CLI
Provide a Command Line Interface to execute Antidoc from a Terminal application

by Wovalab
SoL SquareBattle image
SoL SquareBattle
Reimplementation of Endigit's SquareBattle game. Participants create teams to wage battle with each other.

by Derrick B
QuVI - Quantum Circuit Toolkit image
QuVI - Quantum Circuit Toolkit
A toolkit to compose and simulate quantum circuits.

by Murtaza Vefadar
Property Inspector image
Property Inspector
This utility allows filtering, searching, sorting and batch editing of 44 VI properites and metrics

TortoiseGit Show Log - QuickDrop Plugin image
TortoiseGit Show Log - QuickDrop Plugin
QuickDrop Plugin for LabVIEW to bring up the TortoiseGit log for a VI, folder, library, class, repo etc.

by Leah Edwards
BenjaminR LabVIEW Menus image
BenjaminR LabVIEW Menus
Adds BenjaminR VIs into the File, New,Tools and Help menus.

by BenjaminR
AsciiDoc for LabVIEW image
AsciiDoc for LabVIEW
This toolkit provides a set of vis that help you builds text output using AsciiDoc syntax and render adoc file as PDF or HTML5 files.

by Wovalab
Open DQMH Request Message Diagram image
Open DQMH Request Message Diagram
Open DQMH Request Handling Case from API VI

by BenjaminR
MQTT Control Packets image
MQTT Control Packets
MQTT Control Packets

by G Open Source Project for LabVIEW
MQTT Broker image
MQTT Broker
Native LabVIEW MQTT Broker

by G Open Source Project for LabVIEW
Faulhaber RS232 image
Faulhaber RS232

by Damian Crosby
G-Image image
A LabVIEW image library.

by Dataflow_G
NATS Core image
NATS Core client for LabVIEW

by Drew Herron
PL eLabFTW Client image
PL eLabFTW Client
eLabFTW client library for LabVIEW

by plasmapper
Animation Toolkit image
Animation Toolkit
Basic Animation Tools for Position, Size, Fade, Drag, and Jiggle

by Q Software Innovations, LLC
Simple State Machines image
Simple State Machines
Simple state machine templates

by Lab it Studio
PL MKS MF1 USB image
LabVIEW instrument driver for MKS MF1 mass flow controllers with USB interface

by plasmapper
Malleable Buffer image
Malleable Buffer
Circular Buffer of any data type, using VIMs (lets see what VIMs can do)

by JDP Science